Psalms 34:1 says “I will bless the Lord at all times; his praise shall continually be in my mouth.” We at the POC believe that true worship is and cannot be relegated to the season we are in, nor the circumstance around us! True worship exudes from the heart in many forms at the POC. Not only praise from our lips, but from our hearts and daily lives!

We are very blessed at the POC to have an excellent musical ensemble. Talented and anointed singers and instrumentalists combine together to bring a melody that we believe pleases God, and that can even drive evil spirits away. Worship at the POC is much more than notes and chords, it is a spiritual function that brings people into a sanctuary from the world and into the presence of God Almighty. For in HIS presence is fullness of joy, and the answer to ALL of life’s questions!

Please come join us as we lift up the Lord by “clapping our hands,” “shouting unto God with the voice of triumph,” and “praising him in the dance.” We invite you to come and be a part of this life changing experience.

Sis. Wendy Anderson, Music Minister of the Pentecostal Church of Columbia, is the youngest child of Pastor Telford Tharp and his wife Jonnie Tharp. She came here with her family to pastor the church thirty five years ago. Wendy was eight years old at the time. She began to take piano lessons at a very young age and had various instructors. Later she was also instructed to play the organ. Wendy always loved to sing, and her talents and greatly anointed ministry have tremendously enhanced the worship services of this church.